Water Restoration

Water is an essential manufacturing element of all flooring products. To make efficient use of this resource, Mohawk’s manufacturing facilities are taking steps to limit the amount of water we use and ensure that wastewater is managed in sustainable ways. Currently, we are working to reduce water intensity by 30% by 2025 against a 2010 baseline.

We continue to work to reduce our water intensity and find improvements across the company that will ensure conservation of this resource. We have reduced water use in HVAC systems and created online tools to monitor water use. Mohawk has also developed new carpet fibers that are less water-intensive to manufacture than traditional yarns and use zero water in the dyeing process—using an average of 56% less water than competitive products.


1.In North America ceramic tile facilities, 84% of all process wastewater is recovered, with six of 11 plants successfully reusing 100% of their process wastewater.

2.In Belgium, we have established a closed-loop flow system with water sourced from a local river, contributing to a 40% reduction in process water use over the last decade.

3.In Italy, our ceramic tile plants not only achieve zero wastewater discharge but also actively recycle water from other ceramics manufacturers.

4.In Australia, we have implemented a “closed wash line” for latex application, which reuses water in the process, saving 600 liters of water per 14-ton latex batch.

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