Mohawk’s commitment to innovation extends to all aspects of the company. Over the past decade, the company has launched numerous differentiated collections that have changed the face of flooring. With an emphasis on fashion and performance, Mohawk creates unique products that add style to every space.

Water-Resistant Laminate

Laminate flooring has always been a category where Mohawk's innovation has set the standard, including the groundbreaking Uniclic® installation system that made laminate a DIY dream. Mohawk's latest collections offer a bold step forward in premium laminate. In addition to exceptionally realistic visuals and deep embossing that replicate the look and feel of natural wood, Mohawk improves on Mother Nature with water-resistant technology that keeps the product safe from spills for up to 24 hours. Beauty and performance in one amazing product.

StepWise Ceramic Technology

Beyond just a surface treatment or non-slip coating, Stepwise is infused into the Company’s top quality porcelain tile to increase its dynamic coefficient of friction, delivering superior slip resistance on wet surfaces, even on shower floors or at poolside. StepWise is an integral part of the tile. It does not wash away or wear off with use.

Pergo Extreme

Pergo Extreme takes rigid luxury vinyl tile to the next level. With sixty designs including wood-, stone- and porcelain-looks, the visuals are more authentic, more textured and include unique detailing. Pergo Extreme is engineered to withstand what lands on it. Each plank is constructed with a solid stone-plastic composite and layered with an enhanced lacquer finish. It’s dent proof, pet proof and waterproof.

ONE Quartz Surfaces®

Although hugely popular as countertops, ONE Quartz surfaces are also a great solution for floors and walls, like a seamless backsplash in a kitchen or a slab shower wall or accent wall in a dining room. These surfaces are engineered with state-of-the-art technology, providing unsurpassed durability, design flexibility, easy maintenance and sophisticated patterning that can replicate the look or marble or other exotic natural stone.