Mohawk’s financial and business growth as well as its ESG progress is based on a foundation of sound governance and transparency. We are committed to transparently providing the following resources about our corporate governance practices on this website:

Board of Directors and Executive Officers
Corporate Governance Guidelines
Board Committee Charters
Board Member Contact
SEC Filings, including Form 10-K and Proxy

ESG Governance Structure

CEO and Board
of Directors

Ultimate responsibility for the Company’s ESG programs and initiatives.

Nominating &

  • Oversees the Company’s ESG-related programs.
  • Helps the Board formulate strategies to respond to public policy, legislative, regulatory, political and social issues, as well as trends related to the environmental and social risks that may significantly affect the business operations, financial performance or public image of the Company.

ESG Executive

  • Consists of Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Business Strategy & General Counsel, Chief Sustainability Officer and business segment presidents..
  • Reviews and approves sustainability strategy.
  • Works with the Board to provide oversight and guidance to the business.
  • Engages in risk planning to identify and understand ESG risks to the Company, including climate change-related risks, that might arise from changes in regulation, and physical or operational risks.
  • Applies understanding of risks to inform our sustainability strategy.
  • Sets environmental and social goals.


  • Defines and executes Mohawk’s sustainability strategy across the global enterprise.
  • Partners with functional areas to increase alignment and optimize global efforts for carbon reduction, product circularity, resource conservation and commitments to workplace excellence.

People and
Planet Council

  • Multi-business, multi-level stakeholder leadership groups tasked with aligning business direction and decision-making with sustainability goals.
  • Develops sustainability strategy, including goals and objectives.
  • Identifies metrics to track performance and provide business segment feedback, including best practice sharing.